13 People Share the Odd Things That They Actually Love the Smell Of

Image of woman sniffing clothesElnur_ via Deposit Photos

There are some smells that we can all agree on are pleasant: the aroma of chocolate chip pancakes cooking wafting through the kitchen on a Sunday morning, for example. But then there are some smells that people enjoy that are a little on the weirder side.

Here are the top odd things people admitted to loving the smell of:

  1. Sunscreen

    “It reminds me of my childhood times when we went to the beach.”

  2. Lumber

    “My dad own a lumber yard. His company car/van always smelled like lumber since I was a kid. He would deliver special pieces and small orders to special customers. After I got married, I would have make a trip to any place with lumber to smell the fresh scent!”

  3. Rubber

    “Tire stores are great because I love the smell of new rubber.”

  4. Diesel and Garlic

    “If you want me to die happy make me a garlic necklace and strap me to the muffler of a school bus, I would die the happiest person.”

  5. Wet Dirt

    “Wet dirt after a good rain, in the summer, out on our land.”

  6. Puppy Breath

    “If you’ve never had a puppy lick you face and smell their breath, try it.”

  7. And Dog Toes

    “They smell like Fritos!”

  8. Coffee & Cigarettes

    “When I was a kid our bedrooms were upstairs. My dad would get up very early for work. He would put the coffee on using a percolator. I love the smell of fresh coffee and cigarettes. He smoked will making the coffee. Here I am 69 and do not drink coffee. Can’t stand the taste of it.”

  9. Rain on Hot Pavement

    “Reminds me of playing in the rain as a child.”

  10. Gardening Manure

    “When I was pregnant, I would go to the garden section of home depot and loved to smell that smell!”

  11. And Cow Manure

    “Every time we would drive by a farm I would roll all of the windows down and smell that wonderful air. It made my kids crazy.”

  12. Tobacco

    “Smoked from an old pipe. The smell reminds me of my pop.”

  13. Chalk Dust

    “You know when you use to bang the blackboard wiper and all the dust use to come out? Yeah, I know it sounds crazy.”

Do you have a favorite “odd” smell, or can relate to any of these on this list?