Nurse Can Barely Leave Her House Without Being Mistaken for Taylor Swift

traumarn13 via Instagram

There are doppelgangers, and then there are doppelgangers. And one nurse named Ashley is truly a doppelganger in italics.

Ashley has always had a striking resemblance to a certain celebrity. And we bet the second you see a photo of her you’ll guess who it is.


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That’s right, it’s country singer Taylor Swift! The blonde hair, the petite nose, even the clothes she wears—pretty much everything about Ashley looks like Tay Tay.

To top it off, Ashley lives in Nashville, Tennessee, which is the same place as Taylor Swift’s hometown. So it’s only natural that people would come up to her constantly asking if it’s really Taylor.

You might think that it would be pretty cool to look just like a famous person, but Ashley can barely leave her house without someone asking her for an autograph or trying to take a photo of her. Yes, she looks THAT much like the singer.

You can imagine how frustrating that might be when she’s just trying to hit up the mall or go on a date with her husband. She actually made a funny TiKTok video about what it’s like every time she opens her door—aka people waiting outside waiting to talk to her.

Okay, so she admits she “overplayed” the reaction she gets in public. While she has looked like Taylor Swift for as long as she can remember, and has always had people mistake her for her, it’s not like the paparazzi are after her.

Even so, there’s no doubt about it: It’s easy to see why people would mistake her for the singer.

To see the video, check out the video below.

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We definitely think these two were twins separated at birth! Do you think Ashley looks a lot like Taylor Swift? Who do people say is your celebrity doppelganger?