Woman Wants To Know If She’s the Jerk for Not Wearing a Bra to Work

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Most women hate bras. In fact, after a long day at work, one of the first things we do is unhook the damn thing and fling it across the room. Ahhhh, comfort.

But that’s just it—we wearing a bra to work is a necessity, right? Or…is it?

One woman isn’t so sure. In fact, this woman hates bras so much that she decided she didn’t even need to wear one to work at her new job. It’s just an undergarment—it’s not like anyone will even notice, right?

Of course people noticed. In fact, her colleagues noticed so much that a large majority of them approached her about it and told her that she had to wear a bra to work. Even the secretary of her supervisor gave her criticisms about it.

However, at this woman’s old job, she never wore a bra and no one ever told her otherwise. Plus, at this new job, her argument is that there isn’t any dress job and employees are encouraged to wear what makes them comfortable. No bra = comfort. Additionally, she claims that you can’t even see her nipples through her clothes—so really, what’s the issue?

“I hate bras, I find them very uncomfortable and unnecessary,” the woman wrote in her Reddit post. “Two people come up to me during the day, and say that what I’m wearing is inappropriate and that I should wear a bra to work. This is a new job, I don’t even know any of these people. I’m literally wearing a sweater, you can’t see anything, I’m all covered up.”

The next day, the same thing happened when she went sans bra again. “I mention to her that the office literally has no dress code, and that employees can wear what is comfortable. She says that there is still an unspoken etiquette to be followed,” she woman write. “She also mentioned that the shape of my boobs were clearly visible.

She ended the post asked if she’s the jerk in the situation.

Most people couldn’t quite come to an agreement.

“The real question is whether this is a hill that you want to die on,” someone challenged. “Bras are a pretty standard attire requirement, reasonable for not. As the new person in the office, you do not have credibility to push back on that expectation without serious career repercussions. If people notice you are not wearing a bra, something about your outfit was off.”

“If this annoys your boss enough, they will magically find another reason to let you go. Heck, you’re not even past your probation period. They don’t NEED a reason to let you go,” someone else warned, suggesting to “try finding a sports bra. Something with no wire and is relatively comfortable. Something that doesn’t squish you.”

“I would go to HR and explain the situation. Tell them that you have gotten several complaints from coworkers and you want to make sure that you are not being out of compliance,” someone else recommended. “This will establish that you are genuinely trying to meet company expectations and guidelines. It will also establish that people are commenting on your body (which may be an issue too and is important to be documented!) Don’t go in aggressively, rather with an attitude of bemusement and looking for advice navigating this.”

What do you think—is this woman a jerk, or should a bra be required at work?