Man Wants to Know If He’s the Jerk for Not Accommodating a Child on a Plane

AndreyPopov via Deposit Photos

Traveling on an airplane alone can be stressful—you never know who you’re going to be seated next to. And if you just want to be left alone, it can be frustrating if you’re next to someone asking requests of you—especially if it’s a parent and their toddler.

Case in point: One man, who recently posted to the popular Reddit group “Am I the A**hole?” People post their stories and ask reader’s opinions about if they’re the jerk in the situation, or is it the other person.

In this man’s case, he was on an airplane seated next to a parent and child. “I was on a pretty long flight and I had the window seat,” the man explains. “Idk if it’s important but I had taken some edibles for the flight. Next to me is a mother and her child (2/3y).”

There were a few incidents that went down. First, the mom asked if he could switch seats with the kid so that he could look out of the window. “The first incident happened, when the mom asked if I would trade seats so her child could look out,” the man said. “I declined and said I would rather sit in the seat I paid for and then I proceed to put in my AirPods and started to watch some New Girl and I could hear the child cry and be upset that I wouldn’t.”

After a little while, the man decided to play some games on his phone. “The child was very focused on it, but then as everyone here probably know you get tired of mobile games, so I turned it off,” he said.

Then, the mom asked him another request: “[She] asked if I wouldn’t mind keep playing as it was entertaining her son,” the man said. “I said no and as soon as I did that the child starting crying and trying to grab my phone, I just simply raised my hand so the child couldn’t reach, so I said in a louder tone, ‘please control your child.’”

However, that didn’t go over too well with the mother. “[That] made the mom grab the boy and freak out at me and her screaming at me that I shouldn’t be such an **hole and only think about me. Am I the a**hole?”

The story blew up, with thousands of people commenting one side or the other. However, the majority decided that he was NOT the jerk in this case.

“The mother knew she was on a flight with a child so she should have brought things to entertain the child rather than relying on strangers. If she wanted a window seat she should have booked one,” someone wrote. “She’s entitled to ask you, but not entitled for you to say yes.”

“Not the a**hole, just because you are all stuck in a metal tube doesn’t mean you suddenly become a parent/babysitter,” another person said.

“Not the a**hole at all: Could you have been more accommodating? Sure. Should you have to ? Absolutely not. You did nothing wrong,” another stated.

What do you think—is this guy the jerk in this situation or was the mother?