13 People Predict What We’ll Be Nostalgic For In 40 Years

AndrewDemenyuk via Deposit Photos

2020 is not exactly a year anyone is going to want to remember. Sure, it’s truly an unforgettable year, to the say the least, but we can’t help but want to think ahead…to like, 40 years from now.

One Reddit thread recently dived into all of the things that we’re going to be nostalgic for in 40 years. It’s weird to think so far into the future, but these are pretty accurate! Read on for some of our favorites below.

  1. DVDs

    “With everything going digital, I think production houses will soon stop making DVDs and just start streaming the movies in either their respective streaming platforms or sell them to other platforms like Netflix.”

  2. Going to the Movies

    “A small local theatre near me just shut down for good, and I can’t express how disappointed I’d be if the movie theater industry just never pops back up after this pandemic. Some of my best childhood memories are from the movie theaters.”

  3. Driving a Car Yourself

    “Maybe you can go to a track or something in the future, drive an old timey combustion engine car.”

  4. Hugs

    “I miss casually hugging friends, clients, co workers….that human contact sometimes got me through the day.”

  5. Malls

    “Honestly probably malls. I feel like a lot of them are going out of business and getting torn down. Well at least the old mall experience.”

  6. YouTube

    “Like how us 80/90s babies miss early Nickelodeon and Saturday morning cartoons I think future generations will miss the unlimited content.”

  7. Clean Air

    “I am already nostalgic for the time before forest fire season.”

  8. Cash Money

    “Besides the occasions when dealing with cash is just a lot more convenient, it’s art–all those paper bills and coins are designed. Some are beautiful.”

  9. Social Distancing

    “God I love people keeping their distance and having an amazing excuse not to see anyone.”

  10. Hardcover Books

    “I’m already nostalgic for book stores. There’s one or two around me, but pre-pandemic, they were on their way out.”

  11. Playing Physical Games With Others

    “Going to friends’ houses to play basketball/soccer and a few video games, and then have a sleep over. Socializing to the extend even the youngest have experienced.”

  12. Payphones

    “Imagine trying to explain to your grand children, “back in my day if I needed to be picked up from the park, I called Collect on the payphone to my Mom and when the machine asked who was calling you said ‘pickmeupat5:30please’ so you didn’t have to pay for the call.”

  13. Original Movies

    “Eventually there will be so many movies making a completely original one will be close to impossible.”

What do you think you’ll be nostalgic for in 40 years?