15 People Remember the Nostalgic Food Items That Have Been Discontinued

stu_e_hughes & jeepersmedia via Twitter

If you think about the food you had when you were a kid vs. the foods you eat now, they’re probably pretty different! Nowadays, health is more prioritized, and back then, there were more sugary foods. That’s probably a big reason so many of those innovative junk foods are discontinued today.

While not great for you physically, some of these foods might really ring a nostalgic bell for you—it did for these 15 people!

  1. Crème Savers

  2. Altoid Sours

  3. 3D Doritos

  4. Mint Sheets

  5. Strawberry And Cream Sweets

  6. Onions Nuggets

  7. Garfield Fruit Snacks

  8. Reese’s Bites

  9. And Reese’s Swoops!

  10. Mars Delight

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  11. Heinz EZ Squirt

  12. Nesquick Banana Milk

  13. Yogos

  14. Keebler Pizzarias

  15. Crystal Pepsi

Do you remember these foods? Are any of them nostalgic for you? What are some that we may have missed?