Nose Warmers Are a New Winter Accessory That Some People Are Actually Wearing

Accessories for cold weather bundling usually have been scarves, ear muffs, gloves, and headgear. You can also find hand muffs and face masks. But the basics are always found in abundance, easily able to be coordinated for fashion and function.

We do our best to stay warm but what body part is often left out in the cold? Your nose! A cold nose tip is visibly felt – and sometimes seen – when winter weather arrives. We walk our neighborhoods, run to our cars, and watch outdoor sporting events while suffering Jack Frost’s touch.

Could it be that there is a viable solution? There’s a trend gaining popularity called nose warmers. A UK brand called The Nose Warmer Company is selling theirs like hotcakes! They stitch handmade warmers made in a variety of designs, including plaids, animal prints, and team colors.

They sort of resemble an eye patch for the nose with an attached loop that stretches above the ears to keep them in place. Although the jokes are running rampant about the look of these nose socks, the company has gained a lot of attention and promotion for the product.

Available to be shipped around the world, the average price for one is about $10. Some are crocheted, some are made with felt, and both men and women can rock them. If you take a look at the website, you’ll have a hard time deciding if they look odd or stylish.

The owner, whose name is Sally Steel-Jones, started making these years ago after getting tired of having a cold nose in her chilly home. She created her first one to wear around the house, and after getting the business started, found they were a hit with fishermen, hikers, and those who love outdoor sports.

Thousands of customers buy the warmers, wearing them indoors, outdoors, or giving them as gifts. It is also interesting to note that the idea has been around for quite a while, with nose warmers being sold on Etsy since 2008 and Amazon.

Before that, patterns for nose warmers were shared or sold among knitters with clever names like snout covers. If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen many out in the streets, it could be that it’s just taken this long for them to catch on with everyone.

The Nose Warmer Company stands behind its product with this statement from Steel-Jones to BuzzFeed:

“It looks a bit silly, you say? So do Christmas jumpers and bobble hats, but plenty of people wear those. With enough cold-nosed people out there to create a demand for the warmers, one day it might be you looking silly walking around with your red, bare nose.”

You just might decide you need a few of these in your life to help you bear the winter cold better! Or, you might decide that though this wouldn’t look good on you, someone you know will look perfect in one.

What do you say about the nose warmer? Would you wear one at home or outside? Do you already own some?


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