Guys Wants to Know If It’s Normal To Not Want To Work At All


Do you ever sigh at the thought of going to work some days? Even if you love your job, there are still certain times when you simply don’t want to go. You may wonder, isn’t there a job where you can get paid to sit around and do nothing?

We think it’s safe to say that most people have had this thought one time or another. But one man recently turned to Reddit to ask if it’s normal to just completely never have the drive to work at all. As in, ever.

And before you tell him that he probably just doesn’t like his job and should find one he loves, he’s going to stop you there—he says his job isn’t even that bad. He just simply doesn’t want to work.

“It isn’t that I hate my current job, it’s actually pretty easy and pays enough,” he explains in the post. “I just don’t want to go.”

He continues to explain that there is absolutely no job or even amount of money that would motivate him. “I think even if I were offered my dream job paying quadruple what I make now, I still wouldn’t want to do it,” he said. “People tell me to find a job I love, but even if I loved it, I still wouldn’t want to do it unless there’s some way to get paid for watching TV – not writing reviews, not being in a focus group, just sitting quietly at my house watching TV and interacting with no one.”

He ended the Reddit post with, “I just want to eat, drink and sit here in my chair watching TV or playing video games until I die.”

So what do we think—normal? Or not? The people of Reddit have spoken and most people seem to have similar thoughts as the original poster.

“I feel like this ever since I finally got into the role I spent four years working towards. I just want to stay home and be left alone,” someone commented. “Every day I push myself to go do my job and it’s demands. I often find myself daydreaming about not having to work or worry about making money. To just be able to not work would be amazing.”

However, others think that these thoughts may be disguising themselves as depression and to seek help. “If you care about nothing enough to want to work on it, whether or not it is called work, you probably have depression. See a therapist.”

What are your thoughts on this post? Do you think this is “normal” or not? Do you generally feel this way towards work, or do you think there’s a job out there that would meet your needs?