What Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup for a Week? Watch This!

For most women, makeup is a part of the daily routine. You’ve probably been wearing at least mascara and cover-up since you were in middle school, and every year since then you put on a little more and a little more until you’re wearing a full face of makeup almost every day. Now, contrary to what some might say, that is not a bad thing. If makeup makes you feel confident and powerful, then wear that makeup, girl! But if you feel like you’re hiding behind your makeup, like you want to see if you can be just as confident and powerful sans cosmetics, then you need to watch the video below. This woman went without any makeup for a week and has shared what she learned with us.

Now, granted, this beautiful woman didn’t wear a CRAZY amount of makeup to begin with. But even if you wear a more natural look, it can still be a little nerve racking to leave the house without a shred of makeup to speak of. Trust us.

We loved this experiment and we hope you felt inspired to even try this at home!