This Normal-Looking House Actually Has Nine Jail Cells In The Basement

Have you ever looked through real estate listings just for fun? Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve been spending more time at home, and that causes us to become very aware of what we love about our home and what we would love in a different home.

Looking at real estate listings can be very interesting. They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s very true with houses too. Sometimes you might see something that looks old, but inside it has been completely remodeled. Sometimes you might see something that looks beautiful on the outside, but inside there’s a weird floorplan.

We have never seen a floorplan that was weirder than this listing at 203 E Morrison St, Fayette, MO. When we first saw this listing floating around social media, we were encouraged to look at the pictures without reading the description first. 

The pictures start out normal enough. It looks like a nice brick house on the outside. Inside, it looks bright and appealing. Especially for a price tag of $350,000, you have to wonder what’s wrong with it.

If you cheat and read the description ahead of time, you’ll know that the pictures change starting with number 30, and the description is no lie. We now see that there is a door hiding behind the normal looking door, and that second door looks anything but normal.

Keep scrolling through the pictures, and you’ll find that there is in fact an entire jail attached to this house. As the description says, “AND THE BEST PART, connected to the home is a 2500 sq ft legitimate jail with 9 cells, booking room and 1/2 bath.”

Over on Twitter, many people are completely disagreeing with the real estate agent’s description of the jail as “the best part.” Instead, they’re calling it scary.



The description also continues, “Possibilities are amazing with this property.” Many Twitter users disagree with that statement as well.




Would you ever want to own a home with an attached jail? Do you think the potential of this home is amazing or scary?