Nike Has Just Unveiled Its First Sneaker That You Can Slip On Without Your Hands

@KatieCanales1 via Twitter

We’re all always looking for more conveniences in our lives. Anything to make things a bit easier, please!

Something that could really use a bit of altering? Putting shoes on. This is no simple task! It takes a lot of maneuvering—bending down (maybe even sitting), plus tying, tightening, and ensuring the shoe is on correctly. Who has the time? The stamina? The patience? Not I!

Well, Nike has answered our prayers by making putting shoes on easier than ever with a brand-new product. Introducing: Nike’s hands-free Go FlyEase sneaker.

The shoe, part of Nike’s FlyEase line, is made to be able to slip on and off without having to bend down—thanks to a “bi-stable hinge that enables the shoe to be secure in fully open and fully closed states,” Nike stated.

The secret is in its design: A “kickstand heel mimics the action many intuitively perform to kick off their shoes,” Nike said. That’s right—you can slip the shoe off by pressing on the heel with the opposite foot.

The sneakers have two awesome secrets: the “tensioner band,” which helps hold the sneaker in place when it’s open or closed, and a “diving board” on the base of the shoe, offering a “continuous foot-bed for comfort and stability,” a Nike representative said.

Take a look for yourself at how easy they slide on and off!

Wow, they’re really stepping it up a notch, huh? No pun intended!

The shoes come in a few different color palettes: Pastels; black, red, and blue; and a purple, green, and blue look. They will retail for $120.

The shoes should be available beginning February 15 in North America, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and initially, only for select Nike Members who have an invite. IIn the months to follow, the shoe should be more broadly available, but no further details have been released.

Are these the kind of shoes you can see yourself wearing or do you prefer a more high-tech sneaker, like Nike’s Air Jordan 11 Adapts? If you don’t know, those are Nike’s first self-lacing shoes, which was on sale for $500 in December. You can control the laces and color of lights on the side of the shoe with the Nike app!

We’ve got to say, we shop for comfort and convenience over style these days, and these shoes have both! What do you think of these new Nike sneakers?