The Newest Gerber Spokesbaby Has Been Announced

Every year since 2010, Gerber has had an annual Gerber Spokesbaby contest. In order to participate in the contest, parents fill out an application about why their baby should be the next Gerber baby, and they also include adorable photos of their child.

Now, the 2022 Gerber Spokesbaby contest has concluded. There is an official winner, and the winner found out live on air during an interview.

Adorable 7-month-old Isa Slish’s parents were told that their baby was a finalist in the Gerber Spokesbaby contest. What they didn’t know was that there weren’t any other finalists.

On TODAY, the Slishes answered questions about their daughter and what it meant to them to be finalists in the competition. Then, one of the TODAY show hosts just had to break the good news – they were the winners.

Watch the video below to see the Slish family’s reaction to learning their baby was officially the next Gerber baby and to learn more about what makes baby Isa so special.

In a press release, Isa’s mother, Meredith Slish, describes her daughter as a “strong, amazing little girl.” She explained that her daughter “loves to interact with the world around her and nothing will stop her.”

When Meredith was 18 weeks pregnant, she found out about Isa’s limb difference. Isa was born without a femur or a fibula in her right leg. Meredith hopes Isa’s story can bring awareness about limb differences and bring hope to others. She explained, “We hope Isa’s story can bring more awareness for limb differences and create greater inclusion for children like her. Because, just like Isa, they too can be or do anything they want!”

As the winning baby, Isa will receive $20,000. She will also receive $1000 worth of clothes from Gerber Childrensware and a $1000 gift card for ezpz®.

Do you know anyone who has applied for their child to become a Gerber baby? Do you know anyone with a limb difference?