FDA Has Approved a New Fast-Acting Antidepressant Spray That Could Alleviate Depression Symptoms in Just a Few Hours

Anyone who suffers from depression might say that there’s no way you can cure symptoms in just a few hours. Then again, they’d probably say that if there was a way that you could, they’d try it out.

Though it’s been met with some hints of skepticism, the US Food and Drug Administration has just approved an antidepressant spray that could make depressed people feel better in a matter of hours. That’s right—hours!

The spray, called Spravato, uses the drug esketamine, a molecular variation of ketamine, which is already being used as an anesthetic, an antidepressant. The spray is meant for people who are depressed who have tried to alleviate their symptoms with at least two types of medication, but hasn’t had luck with them.

Esketamine is a fast-acting drug, and is said to be able to settle symptoms much quicker than other antidepressants. Treatments that are currently available for people with major depression don’t work for about 30-40% of patients, so people are pretty excited about this new drug, even if it sounds too good to be true.

“There has been a longstanding need for additional effective treatments for treatment-resistant depression, a serious and life-threatening condition,” Dr. Tiffany Farchione, acting director of the Division of Psychiatry Products at the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in a news release announcing the approval.

Those who are prescribed Esketamine are only allowed to take it in their doctor’s office. The side effects are pretty lengthy—you may experience anything from dizziness to vomiting to feeling like you’re drunk or even disconnected from your body and mind. Because of this, the patient has to remain under medical supervision for at least two hours after taking the drug to ensure optimal safety.

If you suffer from depression and have tried other medications that haven’t worked, speak with your doctor to see if this new spray could be right for you.

To hear more about this new drug, check out the video below.

What do you think about this new fast-acting nasal spray for people suffering depression? Do you think it could really work, or are you hesitant?