Millennials are Replacing Traditional Engagement Rings with This Painful New Trend

The world has seen its share of trends come and go, and now there’s another to add to the mix. Here to turn engagement traditions upside down is a replacement for the ring.

We’ve seen red string tattoos for couples who want to celebrate finding their soulmates. We’ve also seen women buy pinky rings as way to express self-love. And now, we get to see the rise of ring finger piercings.

Do you know what those are? People are getting their left ring fingers pierced with gem studs in the spot where an engagement ring would go. They’re called finger dermals, and although they’ve been around for longer than a minute, piercers are seeing an uptick in demand for them.

Thank Instagram trends for that! If you’re wondering why someone would get one, the reasons vary. Some cite that the cost of an engagement ring is too high and the piercing is a satisfactory placeholder or replacement.

Others simply love the idea of having a finger dermal. While getting stones implanted into the ring finger is what’s hot right now, some folks are having them embedded into other fingers too. Ouchy! Unlike earrings, there aren’t any posts to remove or a piece to unlatch to take these out. Removing them either involves a professional procedure or an accidental injury.

Typically, professional piercers work with titanium or gold for dermals, creating an anchor in the finger by punching a hole into the skin with a special tool. The anchor is placed in the hole and is used to secure the gem in place.  Are you squeamish yet?

There’s blood. There’s healing time. There’s aftercare that can take weeks and weeks. And that’s if the body doesn’t reject the piercing. Each person’s experience with getting one is different. For some, the pain is minimal, for others, not so much.

Gems used for the piercings don’t have to remain as-is, as some folks opt for a magnetic option that allows them to use interchangeable stones. While customers have plenty to consider if they choose to go this route, one thing is for certain for piercers: sanitization is vital.

No doubt about it, any pro worth their salt is taking the proper measures to ensure they are working with sterile equipment to reduce chances of infection during the process. Once a client walks out of a shop with a finger dermal, it is up to him or her to protect the site so that it doesn’t get snagged, struck, or exposed to unsanitary elements.

Click on this informative video to hear more about this trend, and the pros and cons of dermal finger piercings. Not all piercers are on board.

When it comes to engagement ring bling, there is something for everyone. We’ve got heirloom jewelry, vintage styles, sustainable gems, traditional styles, and now finger dermals to add to the growing list. It will be interesting to see if this one will become a norm.

What do you think of this piercing style? Is this something you would try? Do you know anyone with a dermal piercing?