New Eco-Friendly Method for Getting a Green Lawn Is Blowing People’s Minds

@TheSun via Twitter

One common feature of many people’s yards is grass. Green grass adds to curb appeal, and in many parts of the country it’s not that hard to achieve perfectly green grass.

If you live somewhere where it rains on a pretty regular basis, you’re probably used to seeing green grass in many people’s yards, but it’s not this way for everyone. In certain areas with much dryer conditions, achieving a perfect green lawn is only achieved by using sprinklers or a hose to water the grass. Otherwise, it will turn brown and die only to be replaced by weeds or possibly just dirt.

Sure, there is a solution for people who live in areas where it doesn’t rain a lot. Instead of watering the grass, they could plant drought tolerant plants like succulents, or they could give up the idea of a green yard and fill their yard with something else, such as decorative stones.

Many people like the look of green grass and don’t want to replace it with stones, yet they don’t necessarily want to waste water on the grass either. Now, there’s a new eco-friendly solution, and it’s quite unusual.

Some people are painting their grass with an eco-friendly green paint that can be sprayed onto their formerly brown yards. The transformation is immediate and looks pretty realistic. Watch the video below to see for yourself how this green paint can transform grass.

Many people are in shock that painting grass is a thing, and they’re not shy about expressing their thoughts on Twitter.

Some people are eager to suggest alternate ways to have a beautiful yard without resorting to paint.

Other people are posing real questions and concerns about how this paint actually works. Like, what happens when it finally does rain?

Yet, other people seem to be on board with the idea of painting grass and point out that it might not be a horrible idea.

Would you ever consider painting the grass in your yard green? Do you think this is a crazy idea or a good idea?