These Revolutionary New Bathing Suits Make Bathroom Breaks a Breeze

Parents, if you’ve ever taken your little one to the beach or pool, you’re probably very familiar with the struggle of getting off a wet, dingy bathing suit from a squirming, cranky kid. It’s like, you’re already cursed with a dirty diaper, and now you have to actually get the swimsuit off? It’s pretty much the worst, most dreaded situation of any mom in the summer time.

Even if your child is potty trained, they still might need help when it comes to going to the bathroom. How many accidents have you endured because you couldn’t get the suit off fast enough? Even older girls who have been potty trained for a while can find it difficult to get a one-piece off in an appropriate amount of time.

The wet bathing suit brawl is definitely real for all—but two moms knew all about it, and actually invented something to solve the problem. It’s so awesome and simple, you’re going to wonder how it hasn’t already been created before!

It’s bathing suit brand called Fasten, and they’re taking their new and innovative kid’s bathing suits by storm. The suits they create look just like a regular bathing suit, except they contain hidden magnetic snaps that can easily be opened at the waist. So instead of having to take the entire bathing suit off, the bottom pieces detach in a breeze.

That’s right—the struggle of yanking off a wet suit is no longer with this new, amazing product. No more soaking wet bathing suits ending up on the bathroom floor (because that always happens and you know it), no more near-accidents, no more annoyances at all!

What’s more (yes, there’s even more), the suits even contain built-in UPF 50 sun protection, which is especially beneficial to kids who are susceptible to sun rashes.

Fasten suits come in a range of sizes and styles (all of which are super adorable!), and are available for babies, toddlers, and even young girls, the latter of which makes their bathroom trips easier by not having to take the entire suit off to go. The flap clips up to their back so it doesn’t dangle into the toilet, too. These Fasten moms have literally thought of everything!

It doesn’t stop there—Fasten also creates adorable leotards for little girls who dance. Leotards present a similar dilemma as bathing suits do—you have to take the entire thing off if you have to go to the bathroom.

Leotards are even more complicated because they’re usually worn with tights. So Fasten created leotards with the same clips as their bathing suits. Boom—going to the bathroom is as easy as ever.

If you’re skeptical at all, don’t be. The brand has more than 70 five-star customer reviews! Moms rave about everything from how much their kids are loving the suits to how well made they are and everything in between.

You’ll just have to try it for yourself! To shop the brand and learn more about it, check out their website at

What do you think of this new way to make bathroom trips in a bathing suit easier? Do you think you’ll get one for your child?