13 People Share the Things They’ve Tried Once That They’ll Never Try Again

You always have to try something at least once, right? Whether it’s a new food or a new questionable beauty trend, It might sound like a brilliant idea at the time. If it turns out to be the worst idea ever, then at least now you know!

Here are 13 things that you can probably trust these people never to try because they did it for you. In a recent Reddit thread, they sounded off about the number one thing they tried once that they will absolutely never try again. Here they are!

  1. Shaving Their Chest

    “I’m overweight, so I looked like a big baby. The worst part was when the hairs started growing back, they would hook into my T-shirt. It felt like my shirt was velcro-ed onto my chest and every move I made felt like the velcro was being pulled off. Awful.”

  2. Home Brazilian Waxing

    “That is NOT something you do yourself. I was literally black and blue for a week.”

  3. Deep-Fried Tarantula

    “It was in Cambodia. Tried it at a roadside bus stop, the woman’s method of advertising was having a large live tarantula alongside the cooked ones, and I just spur of the moment thought why not? The legs were crunchy and a not entirely pleasant but not too unpleasant either. The body itself was the worst part crunchy on the outside and just a weird gooey texture on the inside and the tastes were just weird as well.”

  4. Plagiarism

    “It nearly got me kicked out of my class.”

  5. Ghost Peppers

    “I ate a ghost chili pepper once, for $20. The pain was so intense I wanted to knock myself unconscious. That night I threw up in the shower, where it burned all over again. The next day was the final burn: the worst diarrhea I’ve ever had. All of this for $20. Never again.”

  6. Reasoning With Internet Trolls

    “Sometimes I get trapped in those ones that are in the form of a genuine question. I answer the question from first-hand experience, but I’m still always wrong…”

  7. Cheap Brandy

    “I’ve had no shortage of bad bottom shelf experiences, and I don’t kid myself that I won’t have plenty more on my budget, but I’ve never experienced anything quite as foul as that $1.50 50 mL bottle of Voldemort’s vomit before. Its haunting, lingering taste remained with me for days through countless teeth brushings and mouth rinses.”

  8. Cheating

    “Whether I love her or not the fact that I went that low really made me feel like a piece of sh*t.”

  9. The Cinnamon Challenge

    “I tried the cinnamon challenge. Don’t try the cinnamon challenge.”

  10. Sky Diving

    “Did it, all set. Not that it wasn’t fun or that I was horribly terrified. To be honest, I don’t think my brain even realized what was going on as I sat on the edge of the airplane doorway. Just that it isn’t something I feel would be worth doing again.”

  11. Trying to Repair a Broken Relationship

    “Sometimes, it’s best to just move on instead of trying to relive the past.”

  12. Natural Child Birth

    “Read all the literature on it, and thought I was prepared, so when I went in to have my daughter I was adamant that I wanted NO drugs, NO epidural, because I am a woman, hear me roar. Then I had my first real contraction and was like NOPE, nope nope nope.”

  13. Juicing Celery

    “This was the absolute worst flavor I’ve ever tasted in my life, like drinking the devil’s own vomit.”

What’s something you dared to try once but have sworn to never try again?