13 People Reveal the Things That They’ll Just Never Be Able to Tolerate

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Sometimes, people do things that annoy us. Like, really, really annoy us. Like, something that you feel within your bones and makes you want to irrationally lash out. These are pet peeves that you simply can’t tolerate. We all have ‘em.

Someone recently reached out to the Reddit world to ask others about the things that they simply can’t tolerate. And we’re all on the same page! Here are the top answers—we think you’ll agree.

  1. Not Cleaning Up After Themselves

    “[People who don’t] keep things clean when living in shared house. Wash your damn pots and dishes after use.”

  2. Being Rude to the Cashier/Server/etc.

    “You wouldn’t speak to them like that if they were on the other side of the register so why would you do that when they’re at their job? The frustration is towards a company, but it’s misplaced on the person providing the service. If they’re sh*tty, respectfully tell them you’re unsatisfied and leave.”

  3. Loud Talkers

    “People who talk very loudly on the phone and play stupid clips and videos on it, again very loudly.”

  4. Not Moving Out of the Way

    “People that enter somewhere busy like a Costco, find the worst point like the exit then stand there and go through their bag looking for a napkin or something. MOVE TO THE SIDE! THERE ARE DOZENS OF PEOPLE TRYING TO PASS YOU.”

  5. Slow-Loading Websites

    “When the page doesn’t fully load by the time you click on something then BAM it does and everything was shifted and look you just clicked on an ad and you’re being redirected to a new page.”

  6. The Sound of Your Own Voice on a Recording

    “Mine sounds like someone high-pitched my voice and is mocking me.”

  7. Too Much Cologne

    “Less is more, pal!”

  8. When Someone Feels Entitled

    “It annoys me when someone feels entitled to everything. I don’t think it’s just the parents. Friends too have equal contribution or more to this kind of behavior. I believe one shares their experience more with their friends than parents. When friends give bad advice to them like ‘yeah you’re right, you don’t deserve this or that,’ without giving them a different perspective on the matter then they stop seeing within themselves and start seeing the problem in others. And feel they are right, entitled to have everything according to them.”

  9. Wet Socks

    “Pretty damn terrible.”

  10. Not Signaling When Driving

    “The turn signal is literally a flick of the wrist. Just do it instead of possibly causing an accident.”

  11. Loud Chewing

    “My old roommate used to eat like a fucking camel and I would lay in a ball on the couch trying my best not to just supernova right there in the living room. I swear to God that sound haunts my dreams.”

  12. People Who Are Unaware of Their Surroundings

    “I’m talking about Karen who puts their cart diagonally in the aisle and blocks you from getting through and makes it seem like a huge inconvenience that they had to move their cart.”

  13. People Who Don’t Pick Up After Their Dog

    “Sometimes, I get it, your dog is off leash and you didn’t see it. But keep an eye on your dog and pick that sh*t up!”

What’s your biggest pet peeve?