Neve Campbell Reveals Why She Chose To Tell 3-Year-Old Son He is Adopted

The Kelly Clarkson Show

In 2018, actress Neve Campbell announced to the world that she and her husband, JJ Feild, had adopted a baby boy named Raynor. They waited until the adoption was finalized to announce the news, and they shared it with the world via a post on Instagram. In the picture, mom, dad and big brother, Caspian, are seen pushing a stroller down the sidewalk.


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The family of four was certainly happy about the adoption, but that raises the question of how Raynor would react when he would one day discover that he was adopted. Would he feel different knowing that he had a different birth mom than Caspian? Would he struggle with his identity knowing that he was adopted?

Campbell recently went on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” and she opened up to Kelly Clarkson about how she has approached the topic of adoption with Raynor. She explained, “I think back in the day we used to think ‘Keep it from them and throw it at them when they’re 21 so their entire reality falls apart.'”

Instead of keeping Raynor’s adoption a secret from him until he’s older, Campbell has taken quite a different approach. She has read up on the subject of adoption, and she decided to make sure it was no surprise to Raynor that he was adopted. She has told him about his birth mom since before he was even old enough to speak.

Before Raynor was born, Campbell asked his birth mom, Cynthia, if she would give her a few photos or something for her to give to Raynor so he would know a little bit about her. Cynthia did much more than hand over a few photos. She actually made something for him that has really helped him know quite a bit about his birth mom.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Campbell is approaching the topic of adoption with her son and what Raynor’s birth mom made for him that has been very useful in helping him understand his adoption.

Do you think it’s smart to make sure adopted children know they were adopted when they are very young? Why do you think people used to think it was a good idea to keep adoption a secret from children?