Neurologist Issues Warning After He and Pregnant Physician Wife Contract COVID-19 and Unknowingly Infect Family Members

On July 18, in a series of Tweets, Miles Cobia, MD, posted a warning to his Twitter followers. He wanted to alert them that he, his wife, who is a physician, and their 2-year-old daughter had all tested positive for COVID-19. He also wanted to warn them that this virus spreads very, very easily, even when you think there is no way you have it.

Cobia and his family had been doing all the right things. They wore masks. They washed their hands. They practiced social distancing. They avoided seeing family and friends, but there was a very small group of about 8 people who they would see occasionally to keep their sanity.

Cobia’s wife worked with COVID-19 patients, but since she was pregnant, she had not been allowed to see a COVID positive patient in about 3 weeks. 

Then the Cobia family decided to attend a small outdoor gathering with family and friends. He shares that the gathering was intentionally outside. He also shares that they did not wear face masks.

After the gathering, the Cobia family found out that they all tested positive for COVID-19. They altered family and friends, and most of the people they saw at the outdoor gathering tested positive too.

They let their guard down, and they regret it. 

This is a great reminder that even if you think there is no way that you have COVID-19 and that there’s no way that the people you know could have COVID-19, you really can’t be sure until you see a test result. This virus seems to spread very easily, and we should not let our guard down.