Nestlé Plans to Fly Baby Formula Into America To Help Alleviate Shortage

There is currently a baby formula shortage in the United States and that is beyond stressful for parents whose babies rely on formula to survive. What do they do if they run out?

Parents sometimes search store after store trying to find a can of formula. If those parents are lucky enough to have a baby who doesn’t have allergies, they are lucky enough that they can probably use whatever brand of formula they happen to find without it having a negative impact on their baby. Not all parents are that lucky.

Some babies have allergies, such as an allergy to cows milk which is used in many types of formula. These babies need formula that doesn’t contain ingredients they are allergic to. Looking for a specific type of formula can be even more challenging, and when desperate parents end up trying to feed their baby a different type of formula, the allergic reaction can be severe.

Now, Nestle is trying to help with the formula shortage in the United States and specifically with the shortage of formula for babies who have a cows milk allergy. The company is going to fly formula that was produced outside of the United States into the United States. This formula includes Gerber Good Start Extensive HA, which is being imported from the Netherlands, and Alfamino, which is being imported from Switzerland. Both of these types of baby formula are specifically for babies who have an allergy to cows milk. According to Nestle, they are focusing on this particular type of formula to import because it has a “critical medical purpose.”

In a statement to Reuters, Nestle explained, “Both products were already being imported but we moved shipments up and rushed via air to help fill immediate needs.”

Importing baby formula is far from the only way Nestle is trying to help alleviate the baby formula shortage in the United States. The company is also increasing production of formula at their factories so that more formula is available to more retailers at a faster rate.

Do you know anyone who is having trouble finding formula for their baby? If so, ask what kind of formula they need and keep an eye out for it when you go shopping. If you are having trouble finding baby formula, ask your friends and family to look for the formula your baby needs when they go to the store. In some cases, friends and relatives are mailing baby formula across the country and even from other countries to parents who are having trouble finding it.