Mystery Explosion That Rocked a New Hampshire Town Was From an Over-the-Top Gender Reveal Party

TODAY via YouTube

Back in the day years ago, expecting parents had a small chance of guessing their baby’s gender based on a blurry ultrasound photo. Nowadays, you can reveal the gender of your unborn baby much earlier and more accurately. That’s why gender reveal parties have been on the rise—aka finding out much ahead of your due date, and telling your family and friends the sex of your baby during a fun get-together.

We’re all up for a good baby gender reveal party. And there are certainly some fun tried and true ways to announcing baby’s sex—you know, cutting a cake to reveal pink or blue frosting, or opening a box of balloons that fly away as people cheer for a boy or girl. You gather around, giggle in suspense, and suddenly you know whether the couple will need pink bows or blue onesies.

Fun, right? Well, it used to—that is, until in recent years, when gender reveal parties have started to take a turn for the worst. They’ve just started to be taken a bit too far, with people using multiple explosive devices that have killed parents to be and innocent party guests. The explosives usually reveal pink or blue smoke—or at least, that’s what they’re supposed to do.

And now, one recent gender reveal party used an explosive that caused such a loud repercussion that it made an entire town in southern New Hampshire think there was an earthquake erupting. It took a little while before they learned where the mystery explosion came from.

Once neighbors that heard the boom discovered that it was just a gender reveal party, they were not happy. “I had pictures fall off my walls,” one neighbor stated. “Are you kidding me? I’m all up for silliness and whatnot, but that was extreme,” adding that she and her family weren’t given any notice of the party or occurrence. Police are still investigating possible property damage to the home.

The blast of the explosive device was so loud, it was even picked up by a doorbell camera in a neighboring town!

Check out the news report on the TODAY show about the explosion.

What would you think if you heard a sound like this and your whole home was affected? What do you think of gender reveal parties? Do you agree with people using explosive devices to announce the gender of their baby? What’s the craziest way someone you know has ever announced whether they’re having a boy or girl?