15 of the Funniest ‘My Parents Vs. Me’ Tweets That Are Pretty Illuminating

@Bloody5Iveezy via Twitter

Chances are, you’ve probably heard your parents say “Back in my day…” followed up with a story of how different things were when they were young. And it’s true—back in their day, things really were different! People got married much younger, which organically made them a bit more successful in life than a lot of us now. For example, at the same age they were saying their “I dos,” you might just be drinking booze in your sweatpants binge-watching Netflix.

It’s actually pretty funny when you compare your parents’ timeline to your own, considering how different things are now. Here are 15 people who did just that, and the results are pretty hilarious.

Have you done similar things as your parents at their age—or different? We’d love to see your best “me vs. my parents” photos!