Mom Creates a Museum-Like Display When Daughter Leaves Dirty Sock on the Floor

Xep Campbell via Facebook

Some people think that the washer or dryer must eat socks since sometimes it seems impossible to find both socks that make up a pair. As parents, we know that’s often not the case. Instead, our children simply don’t always put both socks in the hamper. Sometimes a missing sock is under the bed or the couch. Sometimes it shows up on the bathroom floor or in the back of the closet.

On Thanksgiving day, a mom named Xep Campbell noticed that her daughter, Kestrel, had left one of her dirty socks on the bathroom floor. Instead of mentioning it to her daughter or picking it up and putting it in the hamper herself, Campbell decided to leave it there and let her daughter take care of it when she was ready. She explained, “I decided not to toss it in the hamper but instead see how long it would stay there, sort of a sociological experiment.”

Days went by. Eventually a week had passed, and the sock was still on the bathroom floor. Again, instead of picking it up herself or mentioning it to her daughter, this creative mom did something rather unusual. She made a sign for the sock as if it were an exhibit in an art museum.

Xep Campbell via Facebook

When Kestrel saw the sign, she sent her mom a text asking, “Did you put that there?” Mom answered by writing, “Beautiful work. Very sophisticated.” Kestrel responded by adding to the display. When her mom got home, she told her, “I made a pedestal for it!” Mom and daughter kept the silliness going. First, Mom added an audience to appreciate the sock.

Then Kestrel added more artwork.

Eventually, it turned into a complete party in the bathroom.

Campbell shared a picture to show just how small her bathroom is. There really isn’t room for much more to be added to the display; however, it seems that Kestrel doesn’t have plans to take down the display. Campbell wrote, “I asked when the sock might go away. She said “how long do art exhibits usually last?”

Campbell added an update to the post saying that people have told her she should take advantage of the fact that her post went viral. After thinking about it, she wrote, “I don’t really want to take advantage of this in any personal way but what I *would* like to do is say if this moved you or made you giggle in a way that felt really good and that you want to give something back, a donation to this amazing organization called Jumping Mouse Children’s Center would mean a lot to me. They do play-based therapy that changes the lives of children who have experienced trauma. They rely partially on community donations to keep therapy accessible to children in need. Here is a link to their donation page if you are so inclined. You can even make your gift In Honor of The Forgotten Sock.”

Jumping Mouse Children’s Center has already received over $10,000 in donations In Honor of The Forgotten Sock.

How would your children react if you made an art display out of their dirty socks?