This Adorable Winter Puzzle Has Us Searching for the Mug of Hot Cocoa Among the Penguins

Gergely Dudás, also known as “Dudolf,” has gifted the world with another adorable, yet deeply frustrating, seek-and-find photo.

The artist is known for his challenging puzzles, where he hides one main object among a sea of other objects. And though we always have a hard time finding the hidden item, we always have to appreciate his illustrations—they’re incredible!

Dudlof loves to create seasonal or holiday-themed puzzles. For example, before Halloween, he shared his puzzle of a sea of ghosts where one single polar bear was hiding. When Thanksgiving rolled around, his brain-teasing creation was full of autumn harvest fun: a photo of tons of adorable squirrels in which just one measly mouse is hidden. And around Christmas time, he was it again: He asked us to find Santa’s hat among all the snowmen in this picture.

Now that we’re in the dead of winter, Dudlof has created another adorable image to fit the season: Penguins waddling about the snow!

In the image, penguins of all sorts are happily gallivanting in the white stuff—some are even swimming in pools of ice. Some have hats and scarves on, some are making a snowman together, and some are just simply bracing the cold, as penguins do. It’s a warm and fuzzy photo that really makes us excited for all to come this winter.

However, let’s not forget the point of the puzzle. One penguin in particular is the one Dudlof wants you to focus on: The one that has a mug of hot cocoa in its hand. That’s the one that’s hidden, and the one that took us forever to find.

Take a look at the image below. Can you spot the hidden mug of hot cocoa?

Well—did you find it? Don’t worry, it took us quite a while until we spotted it. Be sure to look at every crevice of the photo. Look up, look down, look to the right, look to the left. Look at every spec of space there is to look!

Don’t worry, if you have to give up, Dudlof always provides a solutions key with the answer on it. You can find the solution to this puzzle here!

If you did find it without looking, how long did it take you? Do you have a favorite Dudlof puzzle to date? Do you have any advice for others searching for a hidden item in puzzles like these?