Morgan Wallen’s Sales Have Skyrocketed Since His Use of Racial Slur

morganwallen via Instagram

Country star Morgan Wallen has messed up several times within the past year. He was arrested. He was dropped from performing on Saturday Night Live after he was seen partying without wearing a face mask. Most recently, he casually dropped the n-word after getting dropped off at home, and it was caught on camera. Who knows that mistakes he’s made that we don’t even know about.

Wallen apologized for the racial slur and promised to “do better,” but actions have consequences. He lost his record deal and his music is no longer being played on the radio. You won’t hear his songs on Apple Music’s Today’s Country playlist, and you won’t hear it on Spotify’s Hot Country Songs either. He’s also been banned from the Academy of Country Music Awards this year.

You would think this would all be bad news for Wallen, but there is one surprising turn of events. His fans are still buying his music. In fact, his music sales are up 339%. Fans are buying his albums in support of Wallen and to try to make sure his music doesn’t completely disappear from streaming services. Right now on iTunes, 4 out of 5 of the top songs are Wallen’s.

Society making Wallen’s music taboo seems to have backfired. It’s probably unlikely that sales will be able to stay up for very long, but it is definitely interesting how many people are showing support for someone who did something wrong and got reprimanded by his industry for it. If his fans have anything to say about it, Wallen’s music isn’t going anywhere.

Do you think radio stations will cave and start playing Wallen’s music again to appease his fans? Are you surprised that his music sales have skyrocketed despite (or perhaps because of) his unacceptable behavior?