More Hair Hacks to Help You Out the Door Faster

Getting yourself ready and out the door in the morning can often times be a struggle, especially if you have long hair to deal with. Check out some great tricks we found over at Minq for speeding up the hair process on trying days:

  1. Make Your Ponytail Pop:
    Just add two bobby pins to the base of your ponytail to give it a little extra oomph.
  2. Elastic Headband Hack:
    Achieve an elegant look on the go by just tucking your hair into the side/base of an elastic headband.
  3. Messy Braid with No Tie:
    Don’t have a hair tie? Just separate your hair into two pieces and tie them around each other to create a cute messy braid look without a tie.
  4. Quick Curls:
    Put your hair into a ponytail, then divide into two equal sections to curl. Undo your ponytail when you’re done and use some flexible hold hairspray to create a fun, curly look.

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