Monopoly Has Released a ‘Disney Villains’ Edition That Encourage You to Scheme Your Way to Victory

Hasbro Gaming via Amazon

When I think of the board game Monopoly, I think of a game that lasts hours on end, and depending on who you are playing the game with, it can be very frustrating. I used to play this game with my dad and my friends when I was in grade school, and my dad used to like to make deals on the side which didn’t exactly follow the game’s rules. 

I think my dad would’ve liked the new version of Monopoly that Hasbro is releasing. This new edition actually encourages scheming and stealing while playing the game.

I think I will definitely like this new version of the game too, because it is designed to be played in 45 minutes or less instead of the endless hours the traditional game seems to take.

This new version of Monopoly features popular Disney villains on the game board and as the playing pieces. Each player gets to choose to play as Maleficent, Jafar, Cruella, Scar, Hook, or the Evil Queen. 

You’ll want to choose your playing piece wisely. It’s not just about who’s your favorite. You also want to consider their special power. When you choose a playing piece, you also get a card that tells you which special power they have once they pass Go. For example, whenever Jafar lands on the same space as another player, he can steal five coins from them.

That brings us to another important change in the Disney Villains version of Monopoly. There are no dollar bills. Instead, players have coins they can steal and use to buy property.

With all of this stealing going on, you might wonder how exactly the game is supposed to be over within 45 minutes. There are a couple changes that make this possible. First of all, the game board has fewer spaces than the traditional Monopoly game board. Also, if you land on a property, you have to buy it. If you can’t afford it, you’re out of the game. Less decision making and quick elimination of some players is sure to make the game go faster.

Another fun change to this game is the addition of Poison Apple cards. These cards allow you to do things like steal money and property.

Chedney Rodgers, Hasbro’s senior director of global brand strategy and marketing, told Insider, “Villains are an integral part of Disney movies and are often the root of what makes each movie mysterious and exciting. We know there is a strong fanbase for these characters and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate Disney Villains in a way fans will appreciate and love.”

This new version of Monopoly is available on Amazon right now, and it is recommended for ages 8 and up.