Mom Surprised By How Effective Her New Method of Relieving Baby’s Gas Is

Rumble Viral

Nobody wants a baby to be gassy. Not the baby. Not the parents. A gassy baby is often fussy which alerts parents that something is wrong.

One mom saw what looked like an effective way to relieve her baby’s gassiness, and she decided to try it out. She learned the technique on TikTok and filmed herself trying out the gas relieving technique for the first time.

In the video, we can only see the bottom half of her baby as the mom looks at the camera and explains that her baby has been gassy. Then she proceeds to try out her new technique from TikTok. She starts moving the baby’s legs in a bicycle motion. Then she stops and smiles at her baby while she stretches the baby’s legs out towards her.

The final move of the gas-relieving technique caught the mom off guard. She shouldn’t have been surprised considering she was specifically trying out this technique in order to relieve her baby’s gassiness, but she was.

After stretching out the baby’s legs towards her, the mom curled the baby’s legs up towards the baby’s belly, and it seems like the technique was very effective.

Watch the video below to see this gas-relieving technique in action and to see the mom’s very real reaction to her baby passing gas.

Multiple viewers have left comments saying that they too have used this technique and that it apparently has been around for a very long time.

One former nurse wrote, “We were taught this as nurses in England back in the 50s. It really works and does not hurt the baby in fact the baby usually laughs when they pass gas. Thanks for sharing. I have shown many mothers this method.”

Another mom wrote, “My kids are 29 and 26. My ex did this with them all the time. Definitely released gas.”

If you have kids, did you ever use this gas-relieving technique on them when they were babies? Was your reaction anything like the mom’s reaction in this video?