When This Mom Started Singing, Listeners Got “Goosebumps”, “Chills”

Cover Nation via TikTok

Don’t you love it when people surprise you? Sure, there are the surprises like surprise proposals and surprise returns from deployment, but that’s not the type of surprise we’re talking about.

We’re talking about being surprised by somebody’s talent. For example, one high school football player surprised everyone when he belted out the National Anthem before a football game.

You really can’t tell who is musically inclined just by the way the person looks. Another example is a TikTok video that is going viral. 

The video is of a mother and her son. When the video starts, the son is playing the guitar and singing. He has a good voice, and it’s easy to assume that the mom is there just to watch and enjoy her son’s musical ability.

Wait for it.

Then, the mom sings, and wow, TikTok users are raving over her singing voice. One comment reads, “Wow what a unique tone to her voice!! both of u make An amazing duo!! What an incredible voice! Gave me goose bumps.” Another person commented, “I don’t comment on videos but this is amazing.” Yet another comment reads, “Wowowowoows!!!! You and your mom are awesome! Great voices!”

Some people are truly blown away by the point when the mom starts singing. “OMG!!!! SHE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!!! I WASN’T READY!!” Another listener wrote, “Omg she needs a record deal.”

Some listeners are literally in disbelief that the mom is really singing. “Is she really singing? OMG that is extraordinary.”

See (or hear) what all the fuss is about in the video below.

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This mom and son duo are taking requests. Many TikTok users are offering suggestions about what they should sing next. They’re suggesting songs like Adelle’s “Hello” and the Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga duet “Shallow.”

What song do you think this mother and son duet should sing next?