Mom Shares Smart Hack for Dealing With Kids When They Want Something They Can’t Have At the Store

@lauren.clutter via TikTok

Honestly, we try to avoid shopping with our kids because when they go to a store with us, it’s impossible to avoid our kids inevitably finding things they want us to buy for them, things that we weren’t planning to buy for them. Then we’re faced with the decision to buy it for them to make them happy or to say “no” and risk an in-store meltdown.

While dealing with a meltdown might be a parenting rite of passage, it’s not enjoyable for anyone. The child is upset. The parent is mortified. Everyone else in the store has to endure the drama.

It would be great if we could take our kids shopping without risking a meltdown, and now, it seems like that is actually possible. One smart mom shared an amazing parenting hack on TikTok to avoid in-store meltdowns, and no, the hack is not simply buying your children whatever they ask for. Yet, the hack is far from simply saying “no” when your children see something in the store that they want. It’s actually somewhere in-between.

Instead of buying the item, when your children see something in the store that they want, tell them that you’ll take a picture of it and add it to their birthday or holiday wish list. Make a folder on your phone where you keep all of these photos so that you can refer back to it when it’s time to go gift shopping.

Don’t think this really works? Watch the video below to hear more about this hack and to see it in action.

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We love that this hack not only prevents in-store meltdowns, but it also makes shopping for gifts super easy. Our family and friends will definitely benefit from knowing exactly what our children have asked for.

Some TikTokers are calling this hack “genius.” Others have commented that they use this hack, and it really works. One comment reads, “We love this hack! My kids now say, ‘mom can you put this on my list’ instead of asking me to buy it.”

Some parents are even using this hack on their adult children, not necessarily because their adult children would have a meltdown in the store but simply so they remember what to buy for future gifts. One TikToker explained, “My parents do this when we shop together. I’m 23. LOL Easiest way to remember what to buy. I do it now too.”

Have your children ever had a meltdown in a store because you wouldn’t buy them something they wanted? Are you going to try this TikTok hack the next time you go shopping with your children?