Mom Wants to Know If She’s the Jerk for Humiliating Her Son After His Misogynistic Behavior Toward His Wife


When two people get married, the saying goes that they don’t just marry their spouse but they also marry the spouse’s family. This is never more true than when in-laws come to visit or butt their noses in the married couple’s business.

In many situations, mother-in-laws are made out to be the bad guys. They are often portrayed as judgmental or overly critical of their child’s spouse. One mother-in-law broke the mold. She’s worried that she was overly critical of her own son. She isn’t sure if she made the right decision when she criticized her son’s marriage, but instead of blaming her daughter-in-law, she blamed her son.

On Reddit, the mother-in-law explained that she could tell that her daughter-in-law looked overwhelmed with the life of a stay-at-home mom, so as a birthday treat for her, she decided to offer to babysit her grandkids and treat her son and daughter-in-law to a visit to a spa.

It all came to a head when her daughter-in-law called her before dropping off the kids. The mother-in-law wrote, “I was preparing on Thursday evening for the kids to arrive when my dil rang me holding back tears saying they’d won’t be going because my sons friend came to town and he said he wanted to spend the weekend with his friends catching up. I pressed her a little and I’m talking a little about her situation , she came clean about him doing no chores, no date nights and her basically doing all of the child care because ‘that’s what stay at home moms do’ I was honestly disgusted. I convinced her to drop me off the kids and bring a friend to the spa I even dipped into my savings to give her €500 to buy herself something nice.”

Here’s a little backstory the mother-in-law shared with Reddit. Although she was a stay-at-home mom, that didn’t mean that her husband didn’t ever help out with the kids. She explained, “Our arrangement was everything everything before 9am and After 5pm was split 50/50, Sunday was my day off and I was brought out twice a week.”

Meanwhile, her son “convinced her [his wife] to be a stay at home mom and sell her business by telling her how good of a childhood he had and how happy my marriage was.” He failed to mention that his dad helped out in the morning and evening, that his parents had date nights and that Sunday was his mom’s day off.

When her daughter-in-law dropped off the kids, the mother-in-law insisted that her daughter-in-law tell her where she could find her son. He was at a bar with friends. She told her daughter-in-law that she was going to the bar to talk to him while her sister and sister-in-law watched the kids.

At the bar, the mother-in-law admits to “going full Karen” on her son. She “humiliated” her son and was banned from the bar. Now, she’s not sure if she made a mistake. She wonders if she should have just minded her own business.

Reddit users are loving that the mother-in-law stood up for her daughter-in-law, and they don’t think it’s accurate to say that she butted her nose into her son and daughter-in-law’s business. One Reddit user wrote, “I wouldn’t say she stuck her nose into their marriage. Ordinarily I would say it’s none of MILs business. The son brought his mom into it by using her marriage as the model for his. And since he greatly misrepresented it, she had no choice but to do what she felt was right.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “Good on you for sticking up for your DIL. Your son needs a serious reality check. 3 babies and all the chores?? He’s nuts!!”

One person commented, “Let him have his tantrum. He’s treated his wife badly, and he has no remorse. Someone needed to stand up for your DIL and grandkids. Kudos to you.”

Does it surprise you that a mother-in-law would stand up for her daughter-in-law over her son? Do you think the son will change his ways after this encounter with his mom?