A Mom Disguised Herself As Her Daughter To Prove A Point To The School

Casey Garcia

Sometimes teenagers get fake IDs and pretend to be older than they really are in order to buy alcohol or get into a bar or club. One mom did the exact opposite. At age 30, she pretended to be her 7th grade daughter.

Casey Garcia wanted to prove a point about the lack of security at schools, so she dressed up like her 7th grade daughter, Julie, and went to middle school as her daughter. Garcia made a video explaining why she decided to do this, and in the video, she also explained what her day at middle school was like.

Garcia claims, “I was nervous the entire time.” She didn’t know if or when she would get caught, but she was surprised at how easily she made it through the majority of the school day.

When she got to school, she was asked for her ID number and her name. She gave them her daughter Julie’s ID number and name. Then she was asked if she signed in, and she said “yes.” After that, she was allowed to enter the school where she even said “hi” to the principal and another school employee.

After she entered the school, she found her way to all of her daughter’s classes. She was wearing a face mask throughout the day which helped her hide her true identity, but she managed to eat lunch at the cafeteria without wearing a mask and still, nobody noticed that she wasn’t the person she was pretending to be.

Garcia tried to record as much of her day as possible on her phone, but she wasn’t supposed to be using a phone at school. She explained, “The school was so concerned that my phone was out that they weren’t even paying attention to who I was.” She added, “They never interacted with me. It was always ‘Hey, put your phone away.'” She continued, “I wasn’t even a person. I was ‘Hey, put your phone away.'”

She added that the point wasn’t to make her daughter’s school look bad. She has never even said which school it was. Instead, she did this to draw awareness. She says that her experiment proves, “We need better security at our schools.” She believes this is true at all schools, public and private alike.

Garcia hopes that her video will prevent mass shootings but alerting schools and parents about how easy it is for someone to pose as a student. She said, “I think that we need metal detecters. I don’t think that backpacks are a good idea.”

Garcia ended up making it through the entire school day posing as her daughter, but she did eventually get caught. In the last class of the day, the teacher asked her to stay after class. The teacher told her, “You’re not Julie.” Then Garcia admitted the truth.

Watch the video below to learn more about Garcia’s experiment and to hear what happened after she was discovered.

You can watch the now viral video that Garcia took while she was at her daughter’s school below. She explained, “I didn’t mean for it to go viral, but clearly it shows that we have a problem.”