People Are Applauding ASOS for Featuring a Model With Unedited Stomach Rolls


Contrary to popular belief, everyone’s skin creates rolls when we sit down—yes, even models, though we have to admit, it’s rare to see them making poses where it shows them off.

The lack of stomach rolls in the media is honestly kind of crazy. Since we all have ‘em, we all want to see ‘em on others. And when all we see are stick-skinny models, it makes us feel like our own bodies are bad, even though they’re not.

In recent years, we’ve been seeing much more plus-sized models showing off more of their real-life imperfections, which is awesome. But many times, these photos are still edited for magazines, websites, etc. And while we’re certainly on the track to getting more real when it comes to models, it’s still hard to come by completed unedited photos of a plus-size model.

That’s why ASOS, an online clothing retailer, has received so much praise for finally featuring a model stomach rolls—un-edited and un-airbrushed stomach rolls.

Plus-size influencer Callie Thorpe tweeted out the photo of a plus-size model sporting a red dress for sale at the shop, saying: “Look at this gorgeous model and her cute back rolls just out here to show women that their bodies are normal and that real life isn’t photoshopped and filtered.”

The tweet—and ad—was incredibly refreshing for people who don’t usually see this kind of body in the media. The post received nearly 3,000 likes and tons of comments praising ASOS for featuring a model with this body type.

“Every time I see a roll on a model it’s like YAS QUEEN YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE AND I WORSHIP YOU which is a fairly normal response I feel,” someone wrote.

“I want to see more body types to show how the clothes look on non traditional hourglass shapes. I wanna see back rolls and bat wings. I wanna see apple shapes. I love it!” another person commented.

“This is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for doing and also showing this. In my opinion, the ‘beauty ideal’ is not real. It would be so dull and boring if we all conformed to society and therefore looked/dressed the same as each other,” another applauded the retailer.

If you want to purchase the dress, you’re out of luck. It’s out of stock right now, likely due to the attention the model was getting, which is  all the more reason for retailers to showcase real life models more often! If you’d like to check out the dress and hope it comes back into stock, you can do so here.

In general, ASOS is known for its unique brand of clothing, and has gotten praise in the past for its diverse range of body sizes of models. Keep it up, ASOS, we love it!

What do you think of showing models with rolls or various other body types in the media like this? Do you think it can be harmful to people’s self esteem to only show super skinny models?