Mixed Mid-Flight Reactions As Mask Mandate Gets Lifted

Throughout the pandemic, if you wanted to travel by airplane, you had to wear a face mask. Even young children had to wear face masks. No exceptions. If you couldn’t wear a face mask throughout the flight, you couldn’t fly. This resulted in some passengers getting kicked off airplanes for their refusal to wear face masks.

That has all changed, but the change is very recent. On Monday, a federal judge ruled to end the mask mandate on airplanes, and almost immediately, most airlines dropped their mask mandates. In some cases, the announcement happened mid-flight, and passengers and crew reacted right away.

Imagine being on a plane the moment the end of the mask mandate was announced. Do you think it would be a scene of joy, or one of hesitation? The answer is a little bit of both.

Footage from passengers aboard airplanes when the announcement was made show flight attendants rejoicing and telling passengers to throw away their face masks. Yet, according to reporters, many passengers are still wearing their face masks even without the mandate and they plan to do so for awhile. Then there are passengers who have face masks with them just in case they’re told to wear one because they can’t quite believe the mandate is really over.

Watch the video below to see what it was like when the end of the mask mandate was announced to passengers and crew while on board an airplane.

According to United Airlines CEO, the mask mandate will most likely not be returning, and he believes it is very safe for passengers to fly without wearing face masks.

Are you more likely to travel now that the mask mandate has ended? Would you feel safer traveling if everyone was wearing a face mask? Do you plan to continue to wear a face mask on airplanes even without the mandate?