Target Is Selling Mini Haunted Houses For Cats Just in Time for Halloween

Target/bellatrixandhex via Instagram

Now that it’s officially fall, we’re counting down the days to Halloween. We love seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes, and we’ve been known to join in on the fun too. With so many costume options (from store bought to DIY), it’s hard to narrow it down to just one option.

Target has knocked it out of the park this year with their Halloween costume line-up. They even released two costumes specifically designed for kids in wheelchairs. Bravo!

Considering Target’s mascot is a dog named Bullseye, you can rest assured the company didn’t forget about pets when it comes to Halloween. Sure, there are costumes, but if you have a feline in your home, there’s something much more exciting.


This year, in Target’s Hyde and EEK! Boutique, you’ll find an actual haunted house for your cats. We’re not joking. This is a real, actual product, and if you have a cat you’re probably already looking for the link to order.


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This cardboard mansion has two stories, and the floor inside the house as well as the floor on the roof of the house are both made out of scratching pads. Yes, this house is basically a big scratching pad, every kitty’s dream!

Many pet owners have already treated their cats to this new Halloween haven, and the pictures are beyond adorable, definitely Insta-worthy. 


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Reviewers have given the haunted cat mansion 4.9 out of 5 stars – not too shabby! They say that it only takes a few minutes (like, about 15) to set it up and that their cats love it. One reviewer wrote, “My cats love anything they can dig their claws into. This was perfect for them and festive for my house!”

Although this house was intended for cats, even dogs can enjoy the cute Halloween-themed house, that is, if they’re small enough to fit.


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Now your Halloween decor can include your kitties, and this house can keep them happy and occupied while you take the kids trick-or-treating. Priced at just $16.99, it’s too cute not to buy.

Have you ever seen such an adorable cat-scratcher house before? Would you buy this haunted house for your cats? How do you usually decorate for Halloween?