43-Year-Old Mindy Kaling Shows Off Her Cute One-Piece Swimsuit Given To Her By Friends

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Mindy Kaling got her big break when she was 24 years old. She has been acting, writing, directing and producing ever since. Well, that and parenting two young children. It’s a lot, but she’s embracing it.

Kaling appreciates the simple things in life and works hard to make her voice heard on topics she finds important. Her most recent TV project, the Netflix show “Never Have I Ever” has been a way for her to express how it made her feel to lose her mother and deal with the grief. On the flip side of that, Kaling is also enjoying the simplicity of a gift that makes her feel beautiful and self-confident.

Kaling recently posted a couple pictures of herself modeling a one-piece swimsuit that was given to her by a couple of her friends. She captioned the photo, “The lowkey romantic gift my friends @traceywigfield and @loulielang gave me was this sexy blue one piece bathing suit which I was so excited to model. You know you have good friends when they’re excited to buy you intimate apparel!”


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Her followers are loving her post and gushing about how great she looks in her new swimsuit. One person wrote, “Omg where is it from?? It looks so good on you.”

Another comment reads, “Pretty as a princess, truly, gorgeous.”

When she’s not chilling by the pool or walking on the beach in her new swimsuit, she’s working on “Never Have I Ever” or making parenting goals for her children, like, how to talk to them about the fact that she’s famous and how to plan a Diwali celebration for her daughter’s school.

Kaling recently went on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where she talked about what to expect from Season 3 of “Never Have I Ever” and joked about how she’s sad the show is ending after the next season because, “I love money.”

Kaling is truly loving her life. She told Marie Claire,After being so unhappy in my teenage years and in my 20s…I feel so content now. I am so happy with my career. I love my family. I love my freedom—I have the freedom that comes with being financially stable, and I don’t have to run anything by anybody.…I love going to set and watching these actors saying my words and coming up to me and asking my take on things…It’s beyond the wildest dreams that my late-mother could have hoped for me.”