13 Millennial Homeowners Open Up About How Hard It Actually Was To Afford a House

Elnur_ via Deposit Photos

Affording a house has never been easy—but it’s particularly difficult for millennials, who, according to New America, have 35% less wealth than previous generations. In fact, 70% of millennials flat out say that they can’t afford to buy a house.

Recently, one Twitter user named Josh Krugar asked millennials (or younger people) who have bought a house to explain how they afforded the down payment and closing costs. The answers are pretty shocking. Read on for the responses that disclose just what exactly it took for these youngins to become homeowners!

  1. Received it As a Gift

  2. A Life Insurance Payout

  3. Received a VA Loan

  4. Used a First-Time Homebuyers Program

  5. Stocks

  6. Having a Joint Income

  7. Took Money from 401K

  8. Used Parents’ Money

  9. An Insurance Settlement

  10. Lived Low Cost for a Bit

  11. Worked Really Hard for it

  12. Inheritance

  13. Lived at Home to Save

Are you a millennial who owns a home? Tell us: How did you get there?