Miley Cyrus Reveals Why She Didn’t Wear A Bikini For 2 Years

Raphael Pour-Hashemi

Body image. It’s something most people probably think about at least once in awhile. For some, it becomes an obsession and can lead to eating disorders and mental health issues.

An unhealthy body image can negatively impact someone’s life, and sometimes nobody even knows that the person is suffering. Even celebrities deal with this issue.

Demi Lovato has been vocal about their issues with diets and body image. They don’t want to feel like they have to be a size 0, and they don’t want anyone else to feel like they have to be a size 0 either.

On an Instagram Live with Miley Cyrus, Lovato shared that when they hit puberty, they didn’t have any role models in Hollywood who weren’t stick thin. They didn’t have any role models to look up to that had curves. They decided they wanted to be that role model when they got older, and they stuck to their word.

Lovato’s conversation about body image inspired Cyrus to mention her own experience with negative body image. She explained that after her performance at the VMAs in 2013, she felt so insecure that she didn’t wear shorts or bathingsuits for 2 years. She shared that memes of her performance with her head on a turkey made her feel really bad about herself.

Cyrus explained, “What was so hard about it was my brand has always been about being so unapologetically myself and being confident and the worst thing that I would feel I would be to my fans is [a liar] or a fraud.” She added, “But I felt like having this persona of being the most confident girl on the planet was actually kind of fraud because I was so insecure on the inside that in my personal life, I wasn’t even wearing bathing suits or shorts.”

In response to feeling bad about herself after the VMAs, Cyrus decided that she needed to do something outside of the entertainment industry in order to feel better about herself. In 2014, she ended up creating a non-profit organization called Happy Hippie Foundation.

When Cyrus admitted how she felt after the VMAs, Lovato told her they wanted to know if she ever had a negative experience like that again. They told Cyrus, “You better call me. I’ll walk to Malibu.”

You can watch an excerpt of the conversation between Lovato and Cyrus in the video below.

Does it surprise you that Cyrus “lied” to fans by pretending to be confident when she was secretly feeling really bad about herself after the VMAs?