Why Mike Tyson Thinks He’s Going To Die “Really Soon”


Growing older sometimes comes with gaining wisdom. Some people end up seeing the world differently when they have children, have grandchildren, see wrinkles and watch their friends pass away. Their priorities change. Their view of life changes.

Mike Tyson is 56 years old. He is by no accounts old. However, he is older than he once was. He has a wife. He has children. He has a different perspective on life then he probably did when he was younger.

Recently, on an episode of Tyson’s podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” the boxing champion opened up about his views about money and death. Tyson was joined by DJ Whoo Kid and therapist Sean McFarland.

During the episode, Tyson said that he believes people who have a lot of money have “a false sense of security.” He explained, “I always tell people, they think a lot of money’s gonna make them happy. They’ve never had a lot of money before. When you have a lot of money, you can’t expect nobody to love you. How am I gonna love you? How am I gonna confess my love to you when you have $500 billion?”

Besides stating his perspective that money literally does not buy happiness, Tyson also explained they money does not buy immortality. He called money a “false sense of security.” He said, “You don’t believe the banks can crash. You believe that you’re invisible if you have a lot of money which isn’t true.”

Tyson went on to explain that even his wife views money as “security,” but he doesn’t get it. He explained, “When you put money in your bank and you get a check every week and you can live for the rest of your life, is that security? That means you won’t catch a disease, you can’t get hit by a car? You can’t jump off a bridge. I don’t know. Is that security? Can money secure you from that?”

Tyson clearly doesn’t believe money makes him invisible. He even pointed out that he can tell he’s getting closer to the end of his life just by looking in the mirror. Tyson said, “We’re all gonna die. One day of course.” Tyson pointed out that he sees “little spots on his face” when he looks in the mirror, and that’s how he knows, “my expiration date’s coming close. Really soon.”

Watch the video below to hear Tyson talk about growing older and realizing death may not be too far away.

Do you agree with Tyson that money doesn’t buy happiness? Do you think money provides “security”? What does “security” mean to you?