Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Passenger In the Face On a Plane


Being on a plane in tight corners with other people can be, well, not the most pleasant experience. You’re already tight on space and you can barely get up to use the bathroom comfortably. However, one of the worst parts of plane rides is sitting near strangers…strangers, who might be, well, quite annoying. Boxing icon Mike Tyson knows a bit about that.

According to TMZ, Tyson was flying out of San Francisco International Airport to Florida when he was met by some starstruck fans. A witness said that Tyson was super patient with him and his friend—the friend who eventually got punched—when they asked to take a selfie with him.

After the photo op, it turned out that the two were sitting behind Tyson on the plane. The friend kept trying to talk to Tyson, but at some point he was getting annoyed and told him to “chill.”

But he didn’t chill. And when he kept on yapping away, Tyson got so annoyed at him that he began to punch him over and over in his face. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he punched him so many times that the man began to bleed from his forehead. Not too long later, Tyson walked off the plane.

Sources say that the man was very intoxicated and was provoking Tyson. The man received medical attention and then the police took over. They stated that the man “provided minimal details of the incident and refused to cooperate further with the police investigation.”

JetBlue and Tyson’s camp have yet to comment on the incident.

Check out some of the footage below!

Can you believe Tyson punched someone in public on a plane? What would you do if you were in a similar situation as he was? Have you ever witnessed an altercation like this while on an airplane?