You Can Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter With $20 Microwavable Slippers

Pic of microwavable slippers.Insider

We all have our rituals when it comes to getting cozy but warming up sure makes the top of the list. We can’t all have crackling fireplaces, whirlpool bathtubs, or thousand-dollar cashmere blankets at the snap of a finger though.

But you know what we can have if we want it? Warm feet by way of microwavable slippers. Wait what? To some, Intelex’s product may sound weird. To others, futuristic. And to some of you, like a good idea.

At this point, your mind may be teetering between “Oh, how toasty my feet would be!” and “Oh, how stinky my microwave would be!” Both positions are understandable, but let’s explain how they work and some options for how to make them work for you.

The slippers are filled with a seed – millet to be exact – which is typically a nutritious food consumed by birds and humans. It gives the slippers a pillowy feel which makes sense as it is also used as a filling for things like pillows, cushions, and bean bags. Like rice, it also works well for retaining heat in a hot pack.

As for how these slippers would smell after a few wears, they also contain lavender flowers. If the scent fades, Intelex advises customers to refresh the slippers with a few drops of essential oil. Lavender is known for its relaxing effect and ability to lull some people to sleep. How does that sound?

Currently, you can find these slippers on Amazon where the price starts around $20. They come in various colors and you can order them in a low-cut style or as slipper boots and they can be worn by men or women.

In the product’s description, the company states that they can also be used as a cold pack by sealing them in a plastic bag and placing them in the freezer. Sometimes, sore feet need the cold!

If you are concerned about putting slippers in the microwave, those who love them suggest wrapping them in a towel first before heating. Others recommend popping them into the dryer for just a few seconds, but on low heat. Additionally, some say they are not really meant for walking around, but for snuggling up on the sofa.

According to the instructions, they only need to be heated for 60 to 90 seconds in the microwave before sliding them onto your bare or sock-covered feet. You can also sit them on the radiator to warm them up.

Intelex also has a selection of products available for kids in their Warmies line which includes some popular microwaveable stuffed animals that are perfect for cuddling. They’re so appealing that grownups are buying using those as companions for their slipper sets.

We know you are probably curious about how these look and work in real life, so click on this helpful video from Insider. You just may be convinced to buy a pair or two and feel like a new version of Cinderella in these warm slippers. Just add a side of hot cocoa and a fleece blanket!

Would you be interested in trying these out? Why or why not?