Michigan Couple With 14 Sons Finally Welcomes Their First Daughter

If what they say about brothers being protective of their sisters is true, little Maggie Jayne will have her very own security detail. The Michigan-born baby girl entered the world last week — joining her 14 older brothers!

Kateri Schwandt gave birth to her 7 pound, 8 ounce daughter on November 5, nearly three decades after delivering her first son. She and her husband, Jay, went on to have 13 more boys before adding a dash of pink into their blue-splashed world.

The Schwandt’s eldest son, Tyler, says he thinks his parents were thrown for a loop with the birth of Maggie after having so many boys. “I don’t even know if my mom owns any pink clothing—or anything,” he said.

Jay and Kateri Schwandt, both 45, started their family young. They met during their freshman year of high school in Gaylord, Michigan. The pair graduated from high school in 1993, then attended Ferris State University in Grand Rapids. Before completing their undergraduate degrees, the couple had already had three children who were, of course, all boys.

Both Jay and Kateri later earned advanced degrees, furthering their educations even as their family grew. Jay obtained a law degree from Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and currently works as a lawyer; he is also the owner of a land surveying business. Kateri graduated from Grand Valley State University, and has a master’s degree in social work.

The family now lives in the rural community of Lakeview — located about 30 miles north of Grand Rapids — on a 200-acre farm. While they made headlines with the birth of their daughter, this isn’t their first rodeo when it comes to media attention. Over the years, the family has generated interest not only due to their large family, but also because of its male-dominated dynamic. In 2018, NPR reported the likelihood of having a family of 14 boys and no girls was just .02%. 

Their unique story has been featured locally and nationally for years, but never to this extent. The couple also has a live-streaming program based on their family called “14 Outdoorsmen”, though we think it may be time to rework that title with the arrival of their newest addition.

Though they may be out of their element with a little girl added to the mix, Jay told the Detroit Free Press he and his wife “are overjoyed and beyond excited to add Maggie Jayne to our family.”

Following his daughter’s birth at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Jay said, “This year has been memorable in so many ways, for so many reasons, but Maggie is the greatest gift we could ever imagine.”

What do you think are the biggest surprises the Schwandt’s are in for with their first daughter? Are girls more challenging to raise than boys? Let’s hear your experiences!