Michael J. Fox Opens Up About the Health Crisis That Nearly Left Him Paralyzed

Good Morning America

Actor Michael J. Fox is known for so much more than his roles in “Family Ties” and “Back to the Future.” He is also known for his optimism and his diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease.

Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s when he was just 29 years old. He is now 59, and he has learned how to live as normal a life as possible. He continues to enjoy activities like playing golf and traveling with his family. Fox told Good Morning America that Parkinson’s “takes up the space it takes, and it left me room to do other things and thrive and golf and have friendships and travel.”

Life isn’t always easy for Fox. In fact, he has had some very real struggles. Besides Parkinson’s, back in 2018, he had a tumor on his spine that he had to have removed. If he didn’t get the tumor removed, he probably would have become paralyzed. After his surgery, Fox had to learn how to walk again. He shared that he has to think before walking because “I don’t have much control of my momentum and control of my direction.”

Surgery and learning to walk was not Fox’s lowest point. That came later. He shared that he had a preventable accident, and he could only blame himself.

Fox recently sat down with Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos to talk about his struggles and his optimism. They discussed everything from what Fox considers to be his absolute lowest point to what Fox’s father-in-law told him that helps him stay optimistic. Watch the video below to hear what Fox had to say.

Many viewers have shared how thankful they are that Michael J. Fox has shared his struggles and his optimism. One viewer wrote, “I’m so glad Michael Fox has shared his illness, his struggles and his strength. god bless him.”

Another comment reads, “Demonstration of strength, courage and the power will. Thanks and good wishes Michael.”

Do you find Fox’s optimism infectious? Do the words of Fox’s father-in-law inspire you as much as they inspire him?