People Are Completely Baffled By These Useless Mesh Face Masks

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen our fair share of “Karens.” You know what we mean: A Karen, aka modern-day slang for an entitled or demanding person; someone who plays up her own privilege, usually at the expense of others.

When it comes to the current state of the world, we find that most Karens are seen refusing to wear masks when out in public, a now mandatory thing pretty much everywhere in the country. But these Karens complain that they can’t breathe in them or it’s their right to refuse a mask…so they cause a scene everywhere they go.

Sure, they can choose not to wear a mask in places that don’t require them. But if you walk onto a property that has a policy in place to wear one, you either wear the mask or leave—it’s that simple!

There have been Karens that have lurked on planes, they’ve lurked at pizza shops, they’ve even lurked at grocery stores throwing food on the ground in a reaction to being asked to put on a mask. They’re everywhere lately!

And now, there’s a new kind of Karen in town. Only this time, it’s one who’s telling others that they should, in fact, wear a mask.

That’s great news, right?

Well, the mask that this particular Karen doesn’t really meet many health standards. That’s because there’s no way that the mask she’s proposing will help stop the spread of viruses.

It’s a MESH mask. That’s right, a mask with holes in it—one that can easily allow germs to enter in and out. Allow us to sing in chorus: “Ummmm?”

The beauty center selling the masks, located in Brazil, posted a “Karen” posing with the mesh mask, with the caption:

“Guys! A new shipment of masks, beautiful and super comfortable has arrived. Allows breathing much easier, in addition to the delicacy and femininity that this tulle mask brings to the female face. You can now order girls!!”

Well, of course the mask offers better breathing—it’s allowing air to escape, and thus, letting air in—possibly infected air!

People are, of course, completely baffled by this face mask. But allow us to explain: There are many mesh masks being sold on sites like Etsy, but they note that these numbers are to be worn OVER your regular mask as an enhancement. But they’re not meant to be worn alone!

Oh, brother. What do you think of mesh masks? Have you seen anyone walking around with a non-protective mask like this? What kind of masks have you been donning?