13 Men Share Examples of Toxic Masculinity They’ve Faced In Their Lives

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Toxic masculinity” is a term that most males are familiar with. It’s a term that surrounds negative aspects of stereotypical masculine characteristics. For example, a man might experience negative connotations if he’s grocery shopping with his toddler or something of the like—something a female might be more associated with.

A recent Reddit post asked men for a form of toxic masculinity they’ve experienced in their life—and the gents came through. Here are the top answers—they might surprise you!

  1. Wearing a Seatbelt

    “I always wear seatbelts in cars. They don’t bother me, I do it automatically without even thinking, but every so often someone will scoff or poke fun that I put my seatbelt on when we share a cab or an uber. It’s like, why would I not? I don’t feel like smashing out my front teeth if the driver gets into a fender bender.

  2. Caring for Animals

    “I’ve been called ‘gay’ for rescuing a starving kitten and taking it to the RSPCA.”

  3. Working at a Summer Camp

    “I was accused of being a pedophile because I worked at a summer camp as a male… by a female high school teacher.”

  4. Traveling With Just Their Kid

    “People act like I’m suspicious or dangerous when I travel alone with my daughter. Every time I go out in public without her mother I get people watching me closely. I parked my car in a parking lot to feed her lunch a while back (didn’t want to take her inside due to COVID) and a group of people gawked and circled our vehicle in their truck a few times. That is not an uncommon experience for me.”

  5. Drinking a Margarita

    “After the final exam, my classmates and I went to a nearby bar to drink our pains away. I ordered a lime Margarita and was mocked by both the males and females that it was a girly drink. Same thing when I ordered a long Island afterwards. (I’ve now moved to cosmopolitans, since three or four can get me happy drunk, and tastes awesome!)”

  6. Watching Certain TV Shows as a Kid

    “My dad would constantly tease me for having a baby doll and for watching My Little Pony. He’s really awesome, he just never realized that what he thought of as joking and teasing was actually really hurtful.”

  7. Uninterested in Cars

    “Almost everyone I know has at some point ridiculed or bullied me because I don’t like or want a car.”

  8. Having a Girly Favorite Color

    “My favorite color is purple. Tried to wear purple and nope. Too many dumb comments.”

  9. Having a Low Alcohol Tolerance

    “Being able to chug alcohol and just keep on going, I just can’t, I got a low threshold, I can’t have like 5 shots of tequila and go about my business. 5 shots of tequila and I’m gonna be a mess.”

  10. Having Good Taste in Home Décor

    “Decorating my home I’m a single guy. I enjoy having a really nice looking place to live in. I carefully choose things for my home. I get the occasional remark about it. I don’t let it bother me but hey.”

  11. Having Long Hair

    “Growing my hair long and in a ponytail. Get call girlie. When I had it cut on #2 I was told I look like I just got out of prison. Look in mirror and judge yourSELF.”

  12. Feeling Sad or Tired

    “My mother in law told me to stop whining and “man up”, we were new parents and I was working nights. The only thing I said was that I was “tired”. It’s stuff like that. I’m actually clinically depressed, but I never talk about it because I’m 6’3″ and masculine so I’m not allowed to feel sad or tired.”

  13. Being a Decent Human Being

    “I was constantly called gay in middle school and high school because I was single, had good hygiene habits, and was generally respectful towards women.”

Did you know that toxic masculinity exists? Are you a male and have ever experienced something like the above?