Melinda Gates Opens Up About Divorce from Bill Gates

Melinda French Gates and Bill Gates got divorced after 27 years of marriage. When a couple has been married that long, it is often surprising to learn that they are getting divorced, and it is natural for people to wonder what happened.

French Gates never expected her marriage to end in divorce. When she sat down with CBS Morning’s Gayle King to talk about the divorce, she explained, “On the day I got married, I never thought I would end up being divorced. Never.” 

During the interview, French Gates refused to comment about rumors that her ex-husband had multiple affairs during their marriage or his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Instead, she said the divorce was caused by “many things.” She explained, “It wasn’t one moment or one specific thing that happened.”

While she didn’t go into specifics about what Gates did or did not do, she seems to put the reason for the divorce completely on his shoulders. She explained, “I gave every single piece of myself to this marriage. I was committed to this marriage on the day we got engaged, and until the day I got out of it.” She added, “I did nothing wrong, so I hold my head high.”

While she admits that she knew it would make the news when she and Gates announced that they were getting divorced, “I didn’t have any sense of how big of news it would be.”

French Gates decided to do the interview with King because she wanted to let the world know that she is ok and ready to move on, but she also admits that it wasn’t that way in the beginning. Watch the video below to hear French Gates talk about her divorce from Gates and to hear how she is doing now.

King asked French Gates if she has any interest in a future romantic relationship, and French Gates admitted, “I hope that happens for me again.” She added, “I’m dipping my toe in that water a little bit.”

Meanwhile, French Gates says that her relationship with her ex is “friendly” but that she would not call them “friends.” However, she continues to work with Gates at the Gates Foundation.

Do you think French Gates will get married again someday? Do you think Gates would ever be willing to do such an open interview to explain his side of the story?