People Have Strong Feelings About Melania Trump’s White House Rose Garden Renovation

What looks beautiful to one person may look awful to someone else. This is true in fashion, home design, gardening, etc. Sure, there may be basic concepts that are widely accepted as nice looking, but opinion still comes into play.

Right now, the hot topic on the table is garden design, and specifically, Melania Trump’s redesign of the White House’s Rose Garden. Until recently, the Rose Garden had not undergone a renovation since President Kennedy decided that he wanted the Rose Garden to look as magnificent as the gardens he saw in Europe.

Melania’s idea was to take the garden back to its roots. Gone are the cherry trees and brightly colored blooms. Now, the garden is more subdued with flowers in pastel colors and the addition of a walking path.

Many people are attacking Melania’s garden redesign on social media. 

Then, there are those who love the redesign calling it “stately” and pointing out that the addition of the sidewalk makes it accessible for people in wheelchairs.

What do you think about the renovated Rose Garden? Do you think it looked better before or after?