Meghan Trainor Announces That She’s Expecting Her First Baby Next Year


While some people might’ve accidentally gotten pregnant during all that extra time at home with their significant other because pandemic, other people have intentionally gotten pregnant after trying for awhile.

The latest celebrity to join the list of moms-to-be is Meghan Trainor. The talented singer and songwriter is excited to take on her new role as mom.

Trainor posted a sonogram picture on Instagram along with the text, “You all know how long I’ve wanted this!!!!”

Trainor and husband Daryl Sabara have been married for almost two years. Sabara proposed to Trainor in 2017 on her 24th birthday. They got married one year later on her 25th birthday. The 25-year-old is very happy about welcoming her new baby to the world in early 2021.

We hope Trainor enjoys being a mom as much as she enjoys being married. When asked about her marriage, she told E! News, “Being a newlywed is amazing. I love it.” She went on to describe one of the things she loves the most about her husband. “What’s really cool is having someone you love actually be a fan of your writing and I never had that before him. So like I’ll write a song and he’ll watch me or he’ll help me out or we’ll get in the car after and he plays it and he’s like, ‘You’re the greatest songwriter ever,’ and that just feels amazing.”

Many of Trainor’s fans are expressing how excited they are for her. On Instagram, one of her followers wrote, “Oh my goodness! 😍Congratulations! I’m so happy for you both! You just know this little bundle of joy will be the sweetest & coolest with you two as parents! ♥️”

Other followers have pointed out that the baby is literally smiling in the sonogram picture.  “I mean… how adorable!! It’s literally smiling in the womb.”

Go take another look. It certainly does look like the baby is smiling.