Here’s Why Meghan Markle Will Not Wear Kate’s Famous Tiara On Her Wedding Day

We’re just over a month away from what may be the biggest royal wedding of the decade—the marriage of Prince Harry to his American fiancée, Meghan Markle. As expected, there is much speculation about the upcoming nuptials, from the vows to the dress to the best man, but it wasn’t until recently that people started wondering about what Markle would be wearing on her head.

Now, it’s fair to say that the soon-to-be wife of the Prince of England won’t be wearing your standard veil, but, at this point in time, it’s impossible to know just how she will decide to top off her wedding day look. Having said that, just because us commoners aren’t sure what the bride’s headwear will look like, it’s definitely not stopping people from speculating!

But, before we get too deep into the gossip, let’s first take a closer look at the history of the tiara in royal weddings….

Traditionally, when a woman was marrying into the Royal Family, she would either wear a tiara or repurposed jewels that came from her family. Fun fact: The last person to do this was Princess Diana who wore a Spencer family crown!

Now, it probably goes without saying that Harry’s bride won’t be walking down the aisle donning a “Markle” tiara—1) the former actress is an American who doesn’t have a connection (or not a very prominent one, at least) to the Royal Family and 2) she experienced an ordinary middle-class upbringing that, we’re guessing, wasn’t filled with priceless family jewels.

So, what’s a soon-to-be duchess to do? Well, some assumed that Markle’s future sister-in-law, Duchess Kate, would lend her the Halo Tiara that she wore at her 2011 wedding to Prince William, and for good reason—the Cartier crown is a family heirloom that has been worn on the heads of various royals since 1936.

But—and this is a BIG but—recently, it was announced that the very tiara that so many ventured would be worn by Markle would, in fact, be on display in Australia at the time of the wedding. Nope, no chance the bride will be flaunting that one!

With the Halo Tiara off the table, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Markle will end up showing off on the day that she officially becomes part of the Royal Family. Personally speaking, we’re totally hoping that she wears one of Princess Diana’s tiaras. But, no matter what she chooses, there’s no question that she’ll be one of the most stunning brides ever!

Now, that you know the facts, it’s time for you to see Duchess Kate’s famous Halo crown, as well as the other tiaras that Markle is rumored to sport on her big day, in the video below. If it were us, we would definitely be happy with any tiara!

We’d love to hear your theories on Markle’s wedding attire. Do you think she will wear one of Princess Diana’s tiaras? Or, do you think the Queen will loan her one? What’s your all-time favorite royal wedding look?